Staying Unattached

When relationships end, one or both partners may want to stay single for a while. Some will want to take stock of their life and make major changes. Others may just need time to get over being hurt. They are intelligent enough to know that being in a relationship is more of a distraction than a positive step at this time. Most of these people will eventually get into new relationships. If they have made good changes to their lives and gotten past the emotional pain, they may even find a successful long term relationship that works.

Many people prefer to be with a partner. They get lonely when they are not in a relationship and work hard to find one. They will even settle for a bad relationship rather than none at all. Other people are very different. They prefer to be alone because this is not a lonely time for them. They enjoy solitude in their life and look forward to it. These people are often determined to stay out of any more relationships.

It may be best for a person to stay out of a relationship when they'd rather be single. Unfortunately, society tends to look down on this state of being. A escort agency is a big help with meeting society's expectations for the person that wants to stay out of a relationship. The escort agency can provide a choice of escorts for public events.

Those that have realized they will continue to prefer being unattached should look into finding an independent escort. This is a way for them to have the same companion for social events without the hassle of a relationship. Simply booking a time in advance and letting the escort know what is needed for a social event is easy enough. After the event is done, the escort goes home alone and so does the single person.