Unexpected Freedom

Couples with multiple children often find they have little time on their own, and even date night is subject to one or more kids being watched at home. They tend to find that only one or two of their children around seems like a relief, but there are occasionally times when all of them have somewhere else to go. When they get old enough to spend nights at the homes of their friends, unexpected freedom can be the reward their parents enjoy.

A night out is often interrupted by phone calls from the sitter, and they can squash any hint of romance before it begins. Parents are naturally concerned about their children, but they should be able to have some time to just be adults with a romantic relationship. For those who find it has been years since they went out without interruptions, an evening alone at home can be as pleasant as a date night out.

Dinner with children must take in their nutritional needs, so an evening without them means the parents can splurge on what they really prefer. Eating foods that are not necessarily healthy and nutritional gives them an opportunity to see the humor in the situation, and it can lead them down the path to the romance they had before their house was full of youngsters. They might even remember how they once thought of how wonderful it would be to be parents, and they can feel they have survived that decision as a team.

Romance has many different sparks that can ignite the passion between two people, and going out for an evening is generally considered important. For couples who have an unexpectedly empty house one night, staying in together to enjoy the peace and quiet can give an even bigger boost to their romantic feelings they have been trying to rekindle.